• It's time to sow!

    It's time to sow!

    What will your summer garden look like?

Garden Centres Canada supporting independent garden centres across Canada

Welcome to Garden Centres Canada

We connect Canadian gardeners to their best local garden centres. Find your nearest garden centre on the map and get growing!

More About Us

Support Local

When you shop and support locally you find plants suitable for your area which is essential for a thriving garden. Local garden centres are problem solvers and knowledgeable in local pests and diseases. Most plant material is sourced from a grower nearby thereby reducing carbon footprints when they can.

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Plant Knowledge

Independent garden centres have a knowledgeable sales force who know their plants, and passion for everything the grows. Being experts in gardening they know how to take care of their plants and help in carefully selecting the right plants for your needs. A happy successful customer is a returning customer.

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Family Owned

Many of our Canadian garden centres are 2nd or 3rd generation families. A wealth of knowledge and passion for the plant industry has been passed down from generation to generation. They own everything they sell which is why their plants are always well taken care of. When you enter their stores it’s like being one of the family!

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The Best Garden Centres From Coast to Coast

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This is what our consumers say!

  • Garden Centres CanadaI love shopping at our local independent garden store, the owners are knowledgeable, and their selection is so good that usually end up spending much more than I intended!

    S. Weller

  • Garden Centres CanadaStopped by our local garden centre today looking for plants for my backyard. What a great place. It stretches on forever and the variety is amazing. The staff were awesome, they helped me pick flowers based on my likes and the location of the garden. Will be returning.

    Walter Friesen

  • Garden Centres CanadaMy first time visiting our local shop wish I would have earlier! I wasn’t disappointed. Nice variety of healthy plants, VERY FRIENDLY staff, and lots of great information! Thrilled at how they give back to our local community. A perfect destination stop!

    Lilian Johnson

  • Garden Centres CanadaI was too late in the season to start my veggies from seed. So happy that my local garden centre has loads of different seedlings. I can’t wait to see my patio garden grow! Thank you for all that you do!

    P. Smith