Garden Centres Canada supporting independent garden centres across Canada

Family Owned

Many of our Canadian garden centres are family-owned by 2nd or 3rd-generation families. The garden industry is an ongoing industry that keeps improving and innovating. Family-run garden centres are a wealth of knowledge, and having a passion for the plant industry has been passed down from generation to generation. Some plant nurseries own everything they sell, so their plants always look stunning by getting a lot of tender loving care. When you enter their stores, you feel like coming home and being one of the family!

Operate with Passion and Knowledge

Families that own garden centres are the link to local communities and initiatives. If you enter a family-run business, you feel the time and effort they have taken into the store. Because the whole family is involved in the company and they live in the community, they're less likely to leave and more likely to invest in the company's welfare and future. Almost all employees have come from running the greenhouse, following mom or dad to taking over the shop while mom and dad retire to light work duty. 

Family-run Nurseries

All of our members have started their businesses to bring joy into people’s lives through gardening. Our GCC members show the extra value of gardening by presenting its mental and physical benefits. A family-run nursery operates forward-thinking, with generations of knowledge of the industry. Our members keep improving themselves by innovating and keeping their business up-to-date following the latest gardening and technologic trends. Visit our garden centres and feel the love and passion for plants.  

Happy Gardening, Happy Life.