Garden Centres Canada supporting independent garden centres across Canada

About Us

Welcome to Garden Centres Canada (GCC), a part of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) family. GCC supports independent garden retailers across Canada through education, training, advocacy, and marketing. Our members offer top-quality plants for any garden, balcony, patio or terrace. Find your way to a local store near you and get the best plant advice from knowledgeable employees. We specialize in having excellent plant knowledge and connecting people to the right plant places. This way, we contribute to a sustainable future by a successful growing experience. 

Our Family Branches

Garden Centres Canada has many branches in the family, including our foundations and partners:

For a Greener, Healthier Urban Climate

Green Cities Foundation



Growing Great Places Together

Communities in Bloom



Year of the Garden 

Canadian Garden Council

A Better Tomorrow Through Plants

Garden Centres Canada supports and advocates for our members to inform and educate the importance and benefits of cultivating a better tomorrow through plants. Our garden centres grow top-quality plants and believe power is in the plants! We pass on the thought of developing a sustainable world through plants and believe in the environmental benefits of growing plants.

Excellent Plant Knowledge

Our independent local retail garden centre members are expertly trained in horticulture and have a huge passion for plants. You can enter any of our stores with your garden problem, to receive the best plant advice to solve your problem. Our mission is to connect plants to people. Our fantastic staff ensures your garden is healthy, productive and beautiful! Visit your local store for the latest gardening trends, most beautiful trend colours and newest plant varieties. Discover top-quality plant products for your local climate and solve any garden problem at any time. 

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Independent Garden Centres

Garden Centres Canada prides itself on having independent garden centres that offer an amazing selection of plants. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on plant care. We plant the seed of gardening importance and aim to grow a better tomorrow through plants. As a family, your growing success is our success. Keep planting and keep growing! 

Why Gardening is Healthy

Gardening is good for the mind, body, and soul – not just for you for outdoor décor! Gardening provides you with a sense of purpose, and a connection to nature. It provides a huge list of health and well-being benefits, like decreasing your risk of dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, and mental health issues. Besides that, there are many physical benefits from gardening and shopping at your local store:

  • gardening increases the natural absorption of vitamin D,
  • eating locally provides better nutrients for your family.  
  • buying in-season products is cheaper.