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Attract Butterflies with Buddleja

Attract Butterflies with Buddleja

If you want to attract butterflies with Buddleja, you have chosen the right plant! Buddleja are butterfly magnets and are highly attractive to butterflies and other pollinating insects. However, just be aware that Buddleja davidii can be invasive, so be prepared to keep it in check and not allow the seeds to grow and take over everywhere. If you have a well-cared-for Buddleja, it can be a joy to you and your garden butterflies, along with other pollinators.

Understand how to attract butterflies with Buddleja 

Buddleja is also known as the ‘butterfly bush’ because it really does attract lots of insects to feed on its delicious nectar. You will see it often growing in wildlife-friendly gardens and even growing by train tracks because it freely seeds by planting your Buddleja in a position where it gets lots of suns and where you can see it easily to admire the many butterflies that will come and enjoy the colourful purple, lilac, white or pink flowers. 

Attract butterflies with Buddleja by planting it right

Since it self seeds everywhere, you might be wondering why you would need to know how to plant it correctly! If you are starting out with a new plant, plant it in full sun to part shade in fertile, well-drained soil. Plant out in Spring or Autumn and water thoroughly after planting. If you are planting into a container, make sure there are plenty of drainage holes and water regularly. Cut back to around 12 minutes in late winter or early spring.

Choosing the variety to attract butterflies with Buddleja 

There are miniature varieties available for containers, such as one from the Buddleja ‘Buzz’ collection, where there are many colours available. Then try something a bit different, like ‘Berries and Cream’ for pink and white flowers or ‘Pink Panther’ for bright pink flowers. White Buddlejas include ‘Les Kneale’ and ‘White Profusion’ or go for a more classic colour such as ‘Dreaming Purple’. There are so many to choose from! 

Attract butterflies with Buddleja and care for your plant 

We can’t say enough that it is important to keep your Buddleja well cared for because not only does it self seed but with good care, it can last for a really long time, and the butterflies will return year after year. Depending on your variety, they can grow very big or stay more compact so ensure you are choosing the right plant for your garden. Prune back hard as above and deadhead after flowering.