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Top plants to grow on facades

Top plants to grow on facades

These top plants to grow on facades will help you to make sure the front of your property thrives with life, full of plants and easy to care for. 

Edibles are top plants to grow on facades 

Believe it or not, growing edibles in any space can be done and there is no where more fun that on the facade of your home! As people walk by they will be inspired by what you grow and you can easily pop outside to harvest a few edibles for your cooking. Sow salads leaves such as lettuce, spinach and rocket in containers, window boxes or any spaces you can sow means you’ll have easy to harvest edibles. You could also add in Nasturtiums and edible flowers such as Violas, Dianthus and Snapdragons. 

Top plants to grow on facades include trailing plants 

If you are growing in window boxes and containers, ensuring some trailing plants are part of your plant displays can be really attractive. English Ivy, Creeping Jenny, trailing Lobelia and Calibrachoa, Bacopa and Black Eyed Susan Vine. These are what’s called spiller plants and along with these filler plants provide colour and more interest. A thriller plant is the main plant with height that draws the eye.

Plants for pollinators are top plants to grow on facades 

Growing plants for pollinators will really bring your facade alive. Inviting insects, bees, butterflies and other wildlife will help biodiversity not just in your own space but also for your local area. Climbing plants such as Wisteria, Clematis, Honeysuckle and Jasmine will look lovely on your facade. 

Shade plants are top plants to grow on facades

It’s important to know your aspect and if your facade is sunny or shady. If you do have a shade facade make sure to plants shade loving plants to ensure they thrive. Try Hostas, Epimediums, Ferns, Caladium, Fuschia and Helleborus. A shady facade can still be full of flowers and foliage so don’t be put off if you are shaded by trees or buildings. 

Top plants to grow on facades such as plants for dry sun

You may have a sunny, dry facade especially if you are growing in urban environment in a sunny spot, means it’s likely that the soil may be very dry or if you are growing in pots, containers and hanging baskets consider how much water the plants will need. So if you do have a dry, sunny spot it’s best to choose plants that will tolerate the conditions. Sedum stonecrop, Lavender, Rosemary, Agave and Coreopsis are great plants to grow in this kind of position. Verbena, Eryngium, Gaillardia and Echinacea are other great options.